PSD Protective Operations Course

PSD Protective Operations Course

Executive Security International’s PSD protective operations course will prepare you for a career in High Threat Close Protection.
** GI Bill Approved**
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ESI offers a PSD Protective Operations Course that parallels our world renowned Executive Protection Program designed for corporate and personal protection. The PSD Program can be taken as a full-time 28-Day Residency and is Gi Bill Approved.

The PSD course meets all the requirements of State Department’s Presidential Security Detail (PSD) Protocols, and goes beyond these minimum standards to meet the changing tactics of opposition who attack convoys, protection details and their principals daily. Defensive procedures must adapt to the ever-changing tactics of a determined and intelligent enemy. ESI’s PSD Protective Operations Course is taught by a staff that is competent and profoundly rooted in the operational side of high threat arenas.

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