How to use GIMP 2.8 for beginners | free photo program!

How to use GIMP 2.8 for beginners | free photo program!

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Skip the intro: 0:23
Rectangle Select Tool: 2:27
Ellipse Select Tool: 2:58
Shortcuts: 3:47
Free Hand Select Tool: 4:55
Fuzzy Select Tool: 5:37
Color Picker: 7:37
Magnification Tool: 7:52
Move Tool: 8:30
Rotate Tool: 9:31
Scaling Tool: 9:54
Text Tool: 10:39
Fill Tool: 11:55
Gradient Tool: 12:50
Pencil Tool: 14:52
Paint Brush Tool: 15:14
Eraser Tool: 18:00
Air Brush Tool: 18:24
Clone Tool: 18:43
Heal Tool: 22:00
Blur Tool: 22:49
Smudge Tool: 23:31
Layers: 23:46
Filters: 24:57
Other Things: 25:45
How to Export Your Image: 27:56

Here is an updated version of my GIMP tutorial. GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. Here I am showing how to use the basic features of GIMP 2.8. All music tracks in this video are royalty free.

GIMP is a very useful program. It is a great, free alternative to adobe photoshop. In this tutorial, I cover all of the basic tools and features of this program. GIMP is a very powerful program, and it is very hard to learn all of its many features, so play around with it and experiment if you are feeling adventurous. Don’t forget to like the video, and subscribe if you would like to see future tutorials.

I made a video title “How to use gimp 2.6 for beginners | free photo program!” last year. I felt that I needed to do an updated version of that video since it was already one full year old and a bit outdated. I also felt that I could do a better job with it as well because of the fact that I have more experience with the program now than I did before. I have taken two courses in high school that teach photo editing. I also plan on taking future courses for this. Most of the things I have learned, I have learned on my own. I encourage you to experiment and play around with the many features of GIMP. GIMP is an extremely powerful program, use it wisely. Please request some videos if you want to learn about specific features of this program.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a personal message and I will answer it as quickly and best I can.

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