Best Photo Editing Software for Mac 2019 (Paid and Free Options)

Best Photo Editing Software for Mac 2019 (Paid and Free Options)

1. Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 ($99.99)
The new release of the Photoshop Elements has all the good of the old and some new features you will love. It comes with a simple interface that makes editing photos very easy. With guided edits, editing is easy and so is using all the other features of the program.

2. Affinity Photo ($49.99)
This is the best photo editing software for Mac for all the professionals out there. It is a fast, smooth and powerful app that has a huge toolset to allow editors to create masterpieces. The interface has a dedicated workspace where editing can be done easily.

3. Adobe Lightroom ($9.99/mo)
This is for those who love the freedom to work on their photos no matter where they are. Adobe Lightroom is a cloud-based photo service. You can edit images from any browser. All you need to do is log in and start making awesome images.

4. DxO PhotoLab ($99)
This is among the best photo editors Mac that allows its users to create JPEG and RAW images that are the best quality. Correct any lighting issues in your image, create great contrast without haze in images and automatically correct any measurement and calibration issues.

5. GIMP (free)
With many similarities with Photoshop, many people find GIMP easy to use. It is equally as capable and stands out as the best photo editing software for Mac. With it you will be able to do many edits to your photos. These will range from the basic functions like cropping pictures and resizing them. More advanced features like removing, blurring and making the background transparent can be done using this free photo editor. Color management is also eased with the use of this software.

6. Krita (free)
This is an open-source digital program that can be used to edit photos. It is mainly designed for digital painting and making art workflows though it can still do the basic feature of cropping and adjusting images. Here are some of the cool features that make this the best free photo editor.

7. Photoscape X (free)
This is not like PhotoShop but will surely prove to be a good choice for the Mac users looking for basic photo editing tools. The program has seven features. These are Animated GIF, Page, Batch Editor, Editor, Merge, Print and Viewer.
8. Pixlr Editor (free)
If you prefer online photo editors then this is the right option. With this, you will be able to create a new image or upload one. The editor works just like PhotoShop so it should be easy to use if you are familiar with image editing tools. You will be able to smudge, crop, fill, blur and do many other changes to images.

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